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Winworks offers solutions to help you create a workforce budget, allocate, optimize work schedules, and monitor performance progress in a consistent SOM concept. In addition, each function of the solution can be added as needed, so you can start using the functions with high priority and add and develop modules as the operation evolves.

We analyze the operations at the service site and design work shift variations, shift organization rules, etc. to create the optimal work schedule. We also use a service model to quantify the amount of work and design the optimal staffing between bases to achieve maximum performance.

This process will be carried out together with the customer as a work analysis and planning project using tools developed by Winworks.

Customers can use the Planning tool to develop their workforce budget on a site-by-site, monthly basis. The developed budget is managed by the system so that it does not exceed the total personnel budget stipulated in the business plan. And even if you reallocate your budget to your focus, you can instantly see if your new budget is in line with your overall plan.

Personnel activities related to field employees are extremely dynamic, such as replenishment due to retirement, increase in the number of staff to focus on, new hiring at new bases, and transfer of personnel between bases. Streamline incidental operations so that field managers can spend as much time as possible on their primary service operations. In addition, it supports rapid process execution by sharing processes in real time with human resources sources.

Calculate the optimal work schedule that matches the quietness of your work. Not only work efficiency, but also the convenience and hope of on-site employees, and the combination of work that realizes ease of work are decided, which is also beneficial for employees. In addition, work schedules that comply with rules and contracts are automatically created, reducing the risk of on-site labor problems.

The schedule calculation function can be used for planning simulation, which dramatically improves the accuracy and conviction of the plan.

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