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A digital platform that optimizes the way you work

Winworks provides a digital platform that optimizes "working style."
This platform calculates optimized work plans for various business formats, centered on a unique multi-work work shift model (mathematical model).
We pursue a balance between the operational efficiency of client companies and the workability of working staff and staff in a wide range of fields from work planning to operation.


Personnel / work design




Personnel budget plan


Work optimization



WinWorks solutions cover a wide range of customer processes.
In order to build work efficiency as a mechanism from the planning stage, we support it by simulation using optimization tools.
At the operation stage, we support an environment where on-site staff and staff can work comfortably through work optimization calculations.

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Success case


QVC Japan

As Partners


​Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

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At the same time as the program navigator's live broadcast program assignment
By automatically creating a one-month work schedule, the work efficiency of the person in charge has been greatly improved.

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Visualize the work and load by time zone in the pay nursing home, and create a dynamic work schedule by automatically calculating the division of roles as well as the work schedule of the staff while reducing the burden on the person in charge, contributing to the improvement of facility operation efficiency.

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Digitize the entire process of schedule creation-notification-change

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In order to respond to the busyness of bank stores, we automatically created a dispatch schedule for support personnel from the regional headquarters according to the support request priority of each store. We optimized the personnel for the entire region.


Industry-independent work optimization based on mathematical models


WinWorks' cloud service runs a combinatorial optimization computing engine in parallel on the back end. 
Work shift optimization is always available for customers in different industries.
By using Winworks' unique master setting function, work efficiency that differs for each customer,
You can set the viewpoint of workability in the system without customization.

​Distribution / retail
Medical / welfare
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Call center
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Product information
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​Automatic shift calculation

Flexible calculation process

If you press the calculation execution button, a roster that meets the conditions will be created automatically.

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​Staff management

Manage the personnel budget of each base

Manage the personnel budget of each base.

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​Custom form

Define free format

Freely define the format in Excel
Export in an easy-to-use format

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​Desired registration / notification, chat cooperation

Smooth operation is possible by communication using mobile tools.


Explain the integration with customer system and business

We have a wealth of interfaces to integrate WINWORKS One into your production environment.

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